Addiction : Aftercare and continuing care :

Addiction is thought to be genetically inherited in up to 60 percent of cases ( NIDA, 2010) Addiction is defined as a primary , chronic and progressive illness , which means all of the following apply :

  • It doesn’t need to be caused by anything and can exist on it’s own independently of the abuse of drugs.
  • it can’t be cured , but it can be treated
  • It gets worse over time if not treated

By adolescence or early adulthood , sufferers of addiction disease will begin feeling ill with every specific symptoms :

  • Lack of pleasure
  • Lack of meaning or purpose
  • Feelings of uselessness
  • Severe Boredom

There are several treatment programs available to treat addiction . Most popular treatment begins with detox, rehabilitation and recovery plan spread over 30 to 90 days across many countries, unfortunately many recovering addicts soon relapse and one of the obvious causes of relapse is due to lack of strategies and action plan for after care and continuing care plan for those in recovery . Meraki has devised a holistic aftercare and continuing care to support those in recovery along with a family track work program for the immediate family members of the recovering addicts.