About Us

About us

Meraki Therapists & Mentors

We assess and treat psychological problems caused by multiple factors such as a medical diagnosis , break down of a relationship , grief , loss of employment , perhaps a mental health challenge like bipolar or struggle with addiction related issues , besides expanding our influences to several developmental issues we can effectively work with . Just as the word defines , it’s our training, expertise , experiential learning and multi – cultural perspectives that brings us closer to where you are and in your search for recovery , healing and progress ,our labor of love, passion creative efforts , undivided attention will be your assets as you reach out to us in your commitment to recovery and personal development.

Our virtual platform offers ‘ holding place for many ‘ We appreciate your courage of conviction and decision to reach out for care and support for you or for anyone else that you are aware of and concerned about wrestling with a personal situation . We are eager and curious to hear from you today.



The voice of the intellect is a soft one, but it does not rest until it has gained a hearing.– Sigmund Freud